Hi Friends! Wow, can you believe April is almost over? As we creep closer to summer and the beach days ahead (pretty much every day is S. Florida can be considered a beach day!), I thought I’d share my current favorite indoor/outdoor rugs as they’re perfect for wet or sandy feet. The best outdoor rugs are typically made from polyester or polypropylene. These synthetic materials make the rugs strong, durable and resistant to weather. They’re also super easy care and I for one am down with that! It used to be that indoor/outdoor rugs looked like they were obviously meant for the outdoors based on the design/style and the feel. But thanks to our friend, technology, there are many, many rugs will look just as good in your living room as your back patio or deck. Looking for a rug refresh? Check out my fav’s below!



April 24, 2022


My Indoor/Outdoor Rug Picks

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