Hi Friends! As the temperature starts warming up (at least it is here in S. Florida!), you might be thinking about adding some new pieces here and there to give your space a fresh look and feel. I wanted to share my picks on some simple and pretty price friendly accessories that give a nod to the warmer weather. These versatile pieces can work on multiple surfaces and in multiple rooms around the house. Think coffee or console table, bookshelves, kitchen or bathroom, nightstands or dressers. I know I titled this blog post Beach House Styling Pieces, but the reality is you don’t have to have a beach house to utilize any of these! They’re simply pieces that by way of texture, color, look or theme reminds us of times spent by the water. For me, those are always good times! I say why not have some items around that evoke past memories and future anticipation of the beautiful summer days to come. 🙂

All my best and enjoy!


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March 24, 2022


Beach House Styling Pieces

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